Book: Your Fear is my Power

Guillermo Laich
18/02/2019 22:24



Brief Description of the Book

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The goal of this book is self-improvement. It defines and explains, in simple and easy to read language, the true meaning of fear, cowardice, anger, and rage as applied to combat and general living conditions. The book teaches the reader how to detect, cope, and deal with those four negative emotions in such a way that they will work "for" and not "against" the person who experiences them. Personal strengths, weaknesses, character, and defenses are also discussed in order to attain a more complete mastery of the subject. Clear definitions on the nature of mood, affect, emotion, and feeling, are also included as well as why, how, and when they affect us. The entire contents are based on the author´s fifty years of experience as a martial arts instructor as well as forty years of experience in medicine, scientific research, and university teaching. 

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